Meet Pierre-Paul

I have been so busy in 2018 that I never had the time to showcase my “partner in crime” Pierre-Paul Lefebvre, the man who likes to code cool shit! Pierre-Paul joined me in July 2018 and his first project was to work on the prototype of, a chatbot based on RASA allowing teenagers (12- 17 years old)

  • to keep track of their mood
  • to have access to information about several topics like anxiety, broken heart, drugs, school, family life, eating disorder etc… from specialists and from influencers
  • to chat with professionals when they need help

After working on Dis-Moi, Pierre-Paul worked on a time tracking software using Python.

Pierre-Paul is a solid developper and sysadmin, able to explain technical stuff to customer, problem solver, always looking to help. Working with since July 2018 is also working with Pierre-Paul Lefebvre !



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